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Easy to understand, practical, clear and perfect for people who want to learn how to meditate, and from that, how to make God their best friend.”

Vimala Rodgers,
Author of "Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life"

This book retails for $24.95,
But when you order it today,
it’s just $19.97!



Whether you are new to meditation or want to reinvigorate your meditation practice, this book is for you. Unlike other books that focus only on techniques, this book guides you through the process of creating a genuine relationship with God, a real friendship.


Of Course You Will Also Learn The Basics Of Meditation To
Help You Expand Your Awareness Of God, Such As:


~ How to sit correctly to minimize tension and increase energy flow

~ Breathing techniques to calm the mind

~ How to use Mantras to focus your mind

In Addition You’ll Also Discover:


How to Speak God's "Language"

How Meditation and Prayer Work Together

The "Eight Experiences of God"- the “proof” that you’ve made “conscious contact”

 How to Bring God into EVERY Area of Your Life

But That's Not All...You Also Get


FREE Video Tutorials that make meditation easy!

FREE Audio mp3 of a Guided Meditation Sequence that you can download and use
     whenever you want

PLUS LOTS of recommended resources, such as books, CD's and websites so as
     your practice grows, you know where to go!

SPECIAL BONUS!! When you buy the book today, you will also receive a Complimentary 30 minute call with me to help you start your meditation practice and answer any questions you have!! ($200 Value)


This book retails for $24.95,
But when you order it today,
it’s just $19.97!